So you’ve had some really cool releases on Yellowtail & Area Remote this year. What does the rest of 2010 have instore for you production wise??

Well I am actually starting two new projects one is top secret which I cannot divulge just yet the other is a joint project with a fantastic musician, I aim to produce some fully formed dance tracks with melodies and hooks, not as linear as my other stuff,I’m working toward an artist album and to perform all the tracks live, remixing them on the fly. I’m really looking forward to the live show as this is very new and exciting to be able to create tracks each show that will be slightly different each time. 

You are a resident DJ for the infamous “We Love” parties at Space, Ibiza. Whats one of your most memorable moments at “We Love”??

Oh god, there have been many amazing moments, to play on the Space terrace in Ibiza is every DJ’s dream , the experience is just so amazing and every set I play there I get a real buzz each time. Last year Grace Jones performed and I must say that was very memorable, I got to meet and hang out with her after which was a dream come true, she is hilarious and a true talent.

You’ve played in pretty much every corner of the world, what’s your favourite country to play in and why??

I love playing in Italy as the crowd are just totally nuts, they really know their music and are very vocal, always cheering and chanting, it really gives you a lift when you spin over there, Ibiza is still one of my fav places of course and also I love Brazil.

Biggest bomb to drop of all time?? 

That is an impossible question, sorry