So what have you been upto recently??

Mainly building up my baby – Genius. Which is the first Sunday of every month at Public Life and every 2nd month on a Saturday at Cargo.

You’ve been on the scene for quite a while. Tell us more about when you were a resident for Paris’s Queen’s Club??

Back in the 90’s i was Djing for people like Wayne Shire / Rod Lay / Fat Tony / Graham Ball / Andy Kooky, doing 5/6 parties a week. Wayne took me over to Queen to do a Kinky Gerlinky party and at the end of the night the manager ask to become the Friday/Saturday resident. Taking over from David Guetta, i was the only uk full time they ever had, i think. I stay for just under a year and loved it, at the time it was the best club in France.

You’ve dabbled with production over the years. Any plans for 2010??

Definitely. Especially now, it’s super important to be making track to help spread your name. I’m in the process of setting up my studio again and my aim is to do couple of projects with some Djs friends and get them out by the end of the year.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a club??

I’ve seen some real characters in my time and love it, that what clubbing should be about, but having said that. I use to Dj at the first Substation (later to be Ghetto) in Soho back in the 90’s and there used to be this guy, who would come down to the club around 9.30/10pm and then spend the whole evening at the toilet, leaning up against the wall, just watching guys pee! The whole night, i kid you not!!! Midnight i would take a pee, he would be there, 3/4am he would be still be there, all night long! I always wonder if he pulled 🙂