Where did the name Nisekay come from??

It actually came from a Japanese friend i met in India.  It was just around the time i started mixing records.  Apparently it is ancient Japanese for ‘disco horse’

So you are man behind the infamous Lo*Kee parties. How did they all start??
It all started just over 2 years ago.  Alongside my good friends Akie and Sebastian Voigt, we all wanted to do a party.  Something different to what was going on.  I was moving out of my flat at the time so we decided to look for a warehouse space.  We found one immediately and i moved in.  We then spent the next month turning the space into our own club.  ‘the candy factory’ was born.  My kitchen became the bar and over the next year, we did a party every 2 weeks.  We said farewell ‘to the candy factory’ after 1 year with a 24 hour party to celebrate with all the friends we had made during that time.  Since then, we have been fortunate to work with some amazing artists using different spaces across East London.  We rely on friends bringing new friends to the party and have an amazing community who support us in what we do.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a club??
Not a club as such, but i think the weirdest thing i ever saw at a party was a snake!  It was in Goa at an outdoor venue called ‘Dolce Vita’.  It was 2005 i think.  The party had just finished and everyone was sat around in the sun.  All of a sudden, an Israeli guy appeared with a snake that he had just found in the bushes.  The snake was passed around a few people in post-party amazement until it made its way to an old russian hippy called Sergei who put the snake around his neck and sat there proclaiming to be Shiva.  It was a very surreal moment and one I’m sure i wont experience again.

You also make beats, What can we expect to hear in 2010 from your studio??
Lets wait and see about that.  I’m working very hard in the studio at the moment but I’m not in any rush to get my music out there.  I have had a couple of offers so far this year to release my music but I’m taking my time with it.  I want to wait till i have something really good to release.  Will that be in 2010?  I’m not sure.  I’m just going to keep enjoying making music and see if it takes me there.